A yellow billiard ball against leukemia

Dear friends from everywhere,

Just imagine you have a billiard ball, yeah, one of those white billiard ones… and then you paint it yellow. With a few brush strokes and little bit of imagination you can turn it into… a bike! but not into any kind of bike, into THIS bike:


And, of course, as in any billiard game the more balls you pocket in one move, the closer you are to win. That’s why this project is like a billiard game: with only one try, multiple goals could be achieved.

So I said, this ball has three targets:

  1. Personal challenge: arrive home safe and sound
  2. Sport challenge: cycle 2000 km between my Erasmus city in Germany and my hometown in Spain (Passau – Calatayud)
  3. Social challenge: raise awareness and money for fighting leukemia with Leukämiehilfe Passau e.V.

So this project was founded … from a “yellow ball”, which inspired me to something more than just a normal trip home: a dream that comes true little by little.

However, to make the game working, we don’t need only the yellow ball and its corresponding companions, but also the table (with a good support), the cue, chalk and of course the hands, which will breath life into this project making it possible. And those are YOU.